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I started writing software back in college using Clipper by Nantucket Software. Clipper was later sold from Nantucket to Computer Associates. A few years later windows started becoming a viable OS for the PC and I started looking for a good windows development tool. I looked at Powebuilder, Gupta, Visual Basic, Visual Foxpro, and several other tools. I really wanted to find something that supported Object Oriented Development and could be extended to do anything I wanted. Powerbuilder looked promising, but the guys at Sybase couldn't seem to get a version out that didn't crash frequently. The development environement would GPF all the time, and the programs compiled using Powerbuild would frequently crash as well. Gupta was just too different, and I didn't spend much time with it. Visual Basic was object-based at the time, but not a strong OOP language. Visual Foxpro had great OOP support, you can build both visual classes and non-visual classes making it a great choice.

More coming soon!